Why choose a mammography solution of EXAMION?

Examion offers the complete range of imaging modalities for mammography - from digital direct radiography upgrade kits till to distruptive cuttingedge technologies like a breast CT.

X-HW Diagnosis Station Mammography

12MP diagnostic display system for PACS and breast imaging

Technical data

  • PACS and breast imaging on one display
  • In grayscale and color (featuring unique color calibration!)
  • With touch pad for fast control
  • Active screen size (diagonal): 853.44 mm (33.6")
  • Resolution: 12MP (4200 x 2800 pixels)
  • Bit depth: 30 bit
  • Maximum luminance: 2100 cd/m² (PPU on) 

Always at the state of the art
12MP diagnostic display for PACS and breast imaging as complete solution with our mammography systems.
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