X-R Radiography Equipment

X-ray solutions for stationary needs

Why radiographic equipment from EXAMION?

EXAMION offers proven solutions for efficient workflow in hospitals and medical practices. We use a modular system of standardized components to meet your needs. The standardization secure quick and safe maintenance or repair time after failure and nevertheless most possible flexibility in the choice of your x-ray equipment.

X-R Static U-Arm & X-R Static Z-Arm

The swivel bracket systems are among the most compact and space-saving X-ray systems. The devices have a single bucky, which can be swiveled to the desired position. The detector is fixed in the bucky. The swivel bracket system can be combined with a mobile patient table for imaging in supine position. The system is perfect for small rooms and low ceilings.

Versatile and flexible
Customized solutions for any applications from part radiologists, radiologists till hospitals.

X-R Static BT & WS CS

The EXAMION systems consisting of bucky table and wall stand are solid solutions for practices and small clinics

  • Bucky table with fixed height
  • Adjustable bucky table – making it easier for patients to get on and off the table

Comprehensive and reliable
We value top-quality components, well thought-out project plan and proven service concepts after installation.

X-R Ceiling Standard

EXAMION ceiling-suspended X-ray systems are ideal for hospitals, including the operating and emergency rooms

  • Manual execution with particularly smooth operation for effortless positioning
  • X-ray tube with electrical tracking for when the table or wall stand bucky is moved

New x-ray machines with existing digital system
You are about to renew your x-ray machines but want to keep your digital system. We offer X-ray systems with bucky stores that can hold all CR cassettes and detectors.

Exchange packages
You have x-ray downtime and need to replace a specific part like a generator or an x-ray source. We provide the necessary components.

X-ray generators

X-ray generator 50 kW, 40 bis 150 kV
Options: 65 kW und 80 kW, high speed starter

X-ray tube

Depending on the number of x-ray images we choose the right X-ray source. All spotlights have a double focus of the classification 0.6 / 1.2.

  • Toshiba E7252X: 14 kW/40 kW, 300 kHU
  • Varian RAD 14: 19 kW/50 kW, 300 kHU
  • Varian RAD 21: 19 kW/60 kW, 300 kHU
  • Varian RAD 60: 24 kW/60 kW, 400 kHU

X-R exchange packages

For part replacement, for example after a failure, we offer you the necessary components from our modular system as a package:

  • Exchange X-ray tube
  • Exchange generator with accessories
  • Exchange generator with matching X-ray tube and accessories

Advantages of EXAMION radiographic systems

  • Standardized components – reduced maintenance costs and maximum investment security
  • Fast installation by the highly qualified EXAMION team
  • Device configuration according to individual requirements
  • Comprehensive training of your operating personnel

Advantages of an exchange

  • Modernize before a system breaks down
  • Plan your conversion instead of coping with unplanned downtime
  • All our systems are prepared for direct digital radiography

Do you need more information about our products and services?

The actual product configuration depends on the selected product variant and may differ from country to country. The products and product features shown in illustrations may differ in individual details from the current product range. Changes serving technical progress and errors excepted.


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