X-DR Mobile

Mobile X-ray system

Why choose EXAMION X-DR Mobile

EXAMION offers proven solutions designed for an efficient workflow in hospitals and emergency. The fully integrated EXAMION systems combine a mobile X-ray system with a a compatible detector solution. They are equipped with a central control console and a uniform operating concept.

X-DR Mobile 320

The X-DR Mobile 320 is a manually mobile X-ray system. It‘s compact size makes the unit movement smooth and precise even in the hospital’s small rooms.

  • Rigid radiator tripod
  • Horizontal rotatable spotlight for easier positioning on the patient

Versatile and flexible

Customized mobile X-ray systems for any application, as requiered manually or motor-driven.

X-DRS Mobile Pro 320

The X-DRS Mobile Pro 320 is a battery powered mobile X-ray system with detector that meets all the needs of the hospital. Through the integrated motor it easily masters obstacles and inclines. The unit runs on its own at the speed that is most convenient to the operator.

The movement is controlled during transport by the handle on the back. The exact motor positioning on the patient is done by buttons on the X-ray tube.

  • Vertical tripod with a constant height of 186 cm
  • Telescopic stand – reduction of the stand height during transport

Comprehensive and reliable

Perfectly matched hardware and software components for reliable workflow and
excellent image quality.

Features and models
Extremities and trunk: all mobile X-ray systems have an electric capacity of 32 kW and a monoblock with double focus. This means that recordings of extremities and trunk is best possible.

Detector: the systems are standardly combined with detectors in the format 35 cm x 43 cm, but can also be equipped for neonatology with detectors 24 cm x 30 cm on request.

MetaGrid: the systems are equipped with MetaGrid image processing for thorax imaging at the patient‘s besdside: scattered radiation will be removed by software. A grid is no longer necessary.

Advantages of EXAMION all-in-one systems

  • Central control console for all components – maximum operational convenience
  • Avoids faulty operation
  • The fastest way to X-ray at the patient‘s bedside – X-ray without additional image development steps
  • Highest image quality
  • MetaGrid
  • Low radiation exposure
Advantages of a mobile x-ray system from EXAMION

Advantages of digital image storing

  • Seamless integration into your existing PACS
  • Storage of X-ray images on the Mini-PACS on request

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The actual product configuration depends on the selected product variant and may differ from country to country. The products and product features shown in illustrations may differ in individual details from the current product range. Changes serving technical progress and errors excepted.


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