X-DR Static all-in-one systems

X-ray systems with detector – fully integrated systems

Why choose EXAMION all-in-one systems?

EXAMION offers proven solutions designed for an efficient workflow in hospitals and private clinics. The fully integrated EXAMION systems combine an X-ray system with a compatible detector solution. They are equipped with a central control console and a uniform operating concept.

X-DR Static U-Arm & X-DR Static Z-Arm

The U-Arm and Z-Arm systems are amongst the most compact and space-saving X-ray machines. The devices have a single bucky, which can be swiveled to the desired position. The detector is normally fixed in the bucky. Rotary arm systems can be combined with a mobile patient table for images in recumbent positions. The system is ideal for small rooms and low ceilings.

Versatile and flexible
Customized solutions for any application, equipped with one or more detectors,
as required.

X-DR Static BT & WS CS

The EXAMION systems consisting of bucky table and wall stand are solid solutions for practices, radiological centres and small clinics. The systems can be equipped with one or two detectors. Single detector systems are used as wireless versions with batteries and WiFi data transfer. This kind of detector can operate between bucky table and wall stand without annoying cables.

  • Fixed-height bucky table
  • Vertically adjustable bucky table – making it easier for patients to get on and off the table

Comprehensive and reliable
Perfectly matched hardware and software components for reliable workflow, excellent image quality, smooth workflow, comprehensive project planning and service concepts.

X-DRS Ceiling Standard

The EXAMION ceiling-suspended X-ray systems meet all a hospital‘s requirements, including the operating and emergency rooms.

  • Mechanical version with particularly smooth operation for effortless positioning
  • Tracking version with electro-mechanical tracking of the X-ray tube when the table or wall stand bucky is moved

Advantages of EXAMION all-in-one systems

  • Central control console for all components – maximum operational convenience
  • Avoids faulty operation
  • The fastest way to X-ray
  • X-ray without additional image development steps
  • Increase image quality
  • Reduce your maintenance costs
  • Minimise the patient’s exposure to radiation
  • Convince your patients with state-of-the-art technology

Advantages of digital image storing

  • Save time searching for patient images
  • Get all relevant image information with a single click
  • Seamless integration into your existing IT system

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The actual product configuration depends on the selected product variant and may differ from country to country. The products and product features shown in illustrations may differ in individual details from the current product range. Changes serving technical progress and errors excepted.


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