Universal software platform for radiologic image acquisition and management of all medical image data.
Control of DR and CR systems, generators and peripherals
Archiving of all medical image data
Editing and diagnosis
Uniform user interface over all modules; clear icons and menu structure.
Continuous further development; the system grows with you.
Adaptable to your needs; perfectly matching modules.


Use EXAMION X-AQS as a complete system or connect parts of it to your existing infrastructure.

EXAMION X-AQS as a complete system

EXAMION X-AQS as DICOM modality + existing PACS infrastructure

Existing DICOM modality for image acquisition + EXAMION X-AQS PACS and Viewer

EXAMION X-AQS as a complete system
EXAMION X-AQS as DICOM modality + existing PACS infrastructure
Existing DICOM modality for image acquisition + EXAMION X-AQS PACS and Viewer


Create a new x-ray study

Enter patient data manually or select the patient from a patient administration system (e.g. DICOM WORKLIST)

  • Select body part from organ tree (first figure)
  • Select desired image from configurable list of organs (second figure)
  • Create worklist for exposure
  • Receive procedure codes from HIS

  • Comprehensive integrated positioning guide
  • Preset exposure values
  • Automatic transmission of x-ray parameters to the electronic x-ray journal
  • Direct control of EXAMION x-ray generators
Certified diagnostic viewer at the acquisition station

  • Rotation, mirroring, optimization of brightness and contrast
  • Comprehensive measurement functions
  • Printing and image export

Holistic Solution for Reliable Diagnosis: Acquisition, Archiving and Viewing. Configure and Combine According to Your Needs.


Automatic stitching

  • Automatic stitching with the help of markers or lead rulers
Manual stitching

  • Various tools for comfortable manual allignment of images
  • Difference image display in overlapping area

Integration of Additional Image Sources

Recording of video signals

  • Sonography, endoscopy
  • Photo and video cameras
  • Cutting function for moving images

  • Import of X-ray, CT and MRI data via CD and USB flash drive
  • Import of any images as a file
  • Import of PDF files



  • Scalable archive on Windows or Linux basis
  • Unlimited number of archived files

  • Synchronization of different sites
  • Synchronization from mobile to stationary archives

  • Back-up on external media e.g. optical data storage
  • Server mirroring

DICOM Interfaces

DICOM Modules

  • DICOM Worklist SCU/SCP
  • DICOM Storage SCU/SCP
  • DICOM Storage Commitment SCU
  • DICOM Print SCU
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve SCP


X-ray images

  • Display of images ready for diagnosis
  • Extensive editing functions and diagnostic tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Support of multitouch interfaces
Photo, video and documents

  • Display of single images and image series
  • Presentation of documents per page
  • Playback of video files
Measurement functions

  • Basic measurements such as distance and circumference
  • Guided advanced measurement functions such as Cobb, Ulmann-Sharp and Wiberg angle, infant´s hip...

  • Switchable hanging protocols
Cross-sectional imaging techniques - CT and MRI

  • Several options for displaying section lines
  • Functions for navigation through image data
  • Configurable display of scouts and localizers
  • Multiplanar Reconstruction

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