Digital radiography for the equine veterinary practice with X-DRS Ceiling

Ceiling-mounted complete X-ray system

Stationary X-ray system for the equine clinic

The ceiling-mounted X-ray system X-DRS Ceiling is a versatile system developed specifically for the requirements of the equine veterinary practice. The stationary X-ray system with one or two telescopic arms delivers high-quality images and impresses users with the latest technology and maximum user comfort.
In designing this innovative X-ray system, the focus was clearly on the well-being of the animal. Noise generation has thus been minimised, ensuring that the examinations are as pleasant as possible for the animal.

X-DRS Ceiling can be combined with all EXAMION detectors.

Product image with descriptions of the EXAMION X-DRS Ceiling for the equine clinic

The large working area of the X-DRS Ceiling gives the animal, the veterinarian and all other participants more freedom of movement and thus greater safety during digital X-raying.

Setting up the X-ray field with X-DRS Ceiling from EXAMION
Positioning of the horse at the X-DRS Ceiling
Ceiling mounting with control section of the X-DRS Ceiling

Wide range of X-rays

Thanks to the high mobility of the X-ray system, an extremely wide range of X-rays is possible: Patient images at a height of up to 210 cm and also foot images.

  • Vertical mobility 180 cm height; optionally also 193 cm high
  • Floor clearance from 7 to 13 cm
  • Working area of 430 x 460 cm
  • X-ray tube telescopic arm with 32 cm horizontal mobility
Product example of X-DRS Ceiling with horse gate
Application example of X-ray with the X-DRS Ceiling from EXAMION

Intuitive control software for digital radiography

Ceiling mounting with X-DRS Ceiling control
X-DRS Ceiling Control Console
  • Combined control of X-ray generator and detector
  • Horse-specific organ programs
  • State-of-the-art image processing
  • Express buttons for pre-purchase examinations
  • Simple image viewing using the radiological viewer with diagnostic tools and measurement functions

Equipment options of the X-ray system for the equine veterinary practice

X-DRS Ceiling One – one teslescopic arm

  • The entry-level gantry for your advanced equine X-raying
  • The most powerful equine X-ray system at your fingertips
  • All power required to reproduce crispy images with shortest exposures
  • All challenging abdominal, hip and thoracic equine radiographic procedures within easy reach
  • The dual up-close and remote telescopic tube stand controls allow for best safety of horse, radiologists and veterinary technicians
  • Minimal force to be exerted when positioning the X-ray tube
Sketch of the X-DRS Ceiling Two with two telescopic arms
Sketch of the X-DRS Ceiling One with one telescopic arm

X-DRS Ceiling Two – two telescopic arms

  • The telescopic tube stand, supplemented by its twinned bucky stand upgrades to the equine most versatile and optimised X-ray solution
  • Automatic synchronisation between tube and bucky stand for a perfect tube-panel alignment every time
  • Secure Bucky tray providing maximum detector protection.
  • Integrated anti-scatter grid assuring the highest image quality
  • Automatic exposure control (AEC) for consistent dose ­
    and exposures
  • Dual telescopic tube stand controls (up-close and remote) for best safety of horse, radiologists and veterinary technicians
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